February 10, 1998

Balls of Steel v1.1 Released!

The update to Balls of Steel has now been released. Available now for download are the full v1.1 shareware file, as well as patches to update the existing v1.0 shareware and registered games.

To download these files, please visit our Master Download Page.

What's new/fixed in v1.1 of Balls of Steel:

* key selection in menu for flipper, plunger, and nudge
* fix to permit extra ball awarding in Arcade mode
* fix for Duke extra ball dotpanel display sequencing
* fix to prevent Enter skipping highscore entry until highscore title shown
* increased maximum capping and adjustment for Powerball enabling
* fix for 2-ball jackpot totaling in Firestorm
* video driver update for problems with Matrox Mystique and RIVA cards
* fix for problems with cards based on Rendition chips
* fix for problems using Video Setup button after installation
* removed screen capture key
* fix to allow single-screen view only on video cards less than 1Mb
* automatic resetting of display profile if video options changed in menu
* An extra utility is now included that will allow you to reprofile your video card should you run into trouble, or change video drivers, etc.

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