February 23, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie Rumours

Now that the Duke Nukem Movie has been announced, we've started seeing all kinds of wild rumors. The most recent is this (the rumor part is the last sentence):

COMPUTER ANTI-HERO DUKE NUKEM SET FOR FILM STARDOM: Ultra-violent computer game DUKE NUKEM is to be given the Hollywood treatment. Bosses at THRESHOLD ENTERTAINMENT, who made a fortune from the big-screen version of MORTAL KOMBAT, will try to make lightning strike twice by making a movie about the seven-year-old cult video game favorite, which features a tough-guy action hero who employs an arsenal of weapons to wipe out aliens and enemies. Threshold boss LARRY KASANOFF says, "It's the perfect game at just the right time for the under-25 audience that wants a throwback to old-fashioned machismo." Movie stars STEVEN SEAGAL (a throwback to old-fashioned machismo if there ever was one�) and BRUCE WILLIS (same thing�) are rumored to be among the frontrunners for the role.

This text came from Metaverse's Sleaze site. We'd like to point out that we have barely begun any kind of work on the movie, and any rumors you might hear are just that. Rumors. No one has been cast in the movie, nor has anyone been declared a "frontrunner" for the part.

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