February 23, 1998

Max Payne Update

Petri J�rvilehto of Remedy Software has updated his plan file again with some info about the feedback you've given him over the weekend on Max Payne...

To sum up what most of you guys we're saying, it would seem that the realistic setting is something that a lot of hardcore gamers are waiting for, what especially surprised me was the fact that a lot of people were asking for a rather down to earth weapon setup, only a marginal percentage of you guys we're hungering for BFGs and huge rocket launchers.

Max Payne is a 3rd person action game, so you will be playing the game with a camera following Max from an angle behind him. This in effect makes the weapon design pretty different from the existing FPS games. Instead of just a part of the weapon being shown at the bottom of the screen, you will be seeing Max from a cinematic angle using those weapons. I think this is a crucial element with the weapon [design]... not only do we need to consider if the weapon itself is cool, it will also have to look cool when fired or when reloading :-)

And for those of you who were wondering: Max Payne will be 3D Accelerated only. If you want play Max, you will need a proper 3D Accelerator. We're supporting all Direct3D compatible cards and in addition we already have direct support to some of the major chips.

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