March 18, 1998

A Shadow Warrior Poem

From Joe Siegler: In going over some old Email, I found this Shadow Warrior poem that a user (Kristofer Kurtis) had sent me some time ago, and I forgot about. I thought I'd share it here. Kristofer calls it The Shadow Warrior Shareware Rap. Enjoy! :)

I like big weapons; make it easy to kill.
When everybody dead, I happy as hell.

Of all this endless killing, one must tire,
But I yell, "Burn, baby, burn!" when the flames-a-geet-a-higher!

There's lots of flora, fauna, secret passages, and how!
Let me check here, oh damn, I'm running into walls now!

And then there are the lapins with there unusual habits.
They explode for no reason, then have sex-- horny rabbits.

Anyway, I'll come getcha, and when I do
I'll say you look like a stupid and shtink like dead baboon!

I frag you again! Did I break your concentration?
Apparently you're in the midst of serious masturbation.

Quit jerking off, come fight me; you think you're so slick,
But I'll just say you not fight well with hands-- try dick!

I say I'm Lo Wang, then your brain go splat
And everybody dead-- I like that.

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