March 20, 1998

Max Payne Update

Petri Jarvilehto of Remedy Software has updated his plan file asking for your input on Max Payne.

Petri's plan update: Been working on Max Payne weapon system for some time now, and I'd like to get some feedback on that from all of you guys out there. As you know, Max Payne setting is a crime story in N.Y. City and we're going for a realistic setting here. Therefore you can count on the fact that you will have to manage with real-world weapons... you won't be saved from a tight spot by an alien-supergun-from-another-dimension. Max is a fugitive on the run and he'll have to manage with whatever weapons he can wrestle from his opponents. Also, personally I think that the hard-hitting clack of an empty desert eagle clip is much more satisfying than an electric whine from a 'magic-gun-from-Mars' :-)

Anyway, considering the real-life setting, I'd like to hear what kind of weapons you would get kicks out of.... Handguns? Baseball bats? SMG's? Sniper Rifles? Armscor grenade launchers? Laser sights? Explosives? There's plenty of stuff that Max will be picking up along the way, but before we get to the point where we finalize everything, your input can still make a difference.

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