March 24, 1998

Paul Schuytema's Writing

Several of you have been Emailing us asking about Paul Schuytema, the producer of Prey. Specifically, in regards to this following text which appears in the press release from October 1996 detailing Paul's hiring by 3D Realms.

Schuytema's educational background includes a technical degree in computer electronics and programming as well as a master of fine arts degree in science fiction writing from the University of North Carolina.

Several people have asked if Paul actually has published any books. I asked Paul this yesterday, and he said:

Here's an overview of what I've had published so far:

* about 200 non-fiction articles (on computers, computer games, books and science)
* 4 hard-core academic papers
* 15 science fiction short stories, which includes the first 2 chapters of a not yet published novel)
* 2 computer game books

The two computer books Paul was involved in were "Microsoft Arcade: Official Strategy Guide" (ISBN 1-55958-724-5), and "Aces Over Europe: Official Strategy Guide" (ISBN 1-55958-520-x). If you'd like to purchase these books, you can do so by clicking on the name of the book, which will take you to entry for that title.

As a side note, this isn't the only time someone here has been involved in the publication of a book about video game strategy. Before Scott Miller founded Apogee in 1987, he and later partner George Broussard wrote a book when they both worked in arcades. The book was called "Shootout: Zap the Video Games", which was a hint guide/cheat book/strategy guide for video games that were popular when the book was published back then. This book has LONG since been out of print, and is generally unavailable.

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