March 26, 1998

Supernova Released as Freeware!

Back on March 10th, we released one of our really old games as freeware (Beyond the Titanic). Due to this release, we've been getting a lot of requests for us to release it's sister game, Supernova, as freeware.

Well, your answers have been heard. Today, Supernova has been released as freeware. Like Titanic, Supernova is a text based adventure game done by Scott Miller (this time with some help from a friend, Terry Nagy) before he founded Apogee. Supernova is one of the two programs ever released that weren't under "The Apogee Model" (Supernova & Titanic had the whole game released in shareware, instead of being split up like "The Apogee Model" does). This program has long since been deleted, and we thought that we'd release it now as freeware.

The Story:

Working 14 hours a day in the core of some dusty, smelly mine is not your idea of the perfect lifestyle. Barre-An is a dust ball in space, its only salvation being that it is rich in precious barre-an metal. Or used to be. Nowadays the mines don't seem so generous, which is why you're looking for a more profitable venture. A break, that's all you ask for, maybe today you figure...

You can download Supernova here. Enjoy! Just remember, the program is freeware, and is not registerable. Please do not call us about this, we are not offering any support on this program. If you missed it, you can download Beyond the Titanic by clicking here.

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