April 3, 1998

Duke Nukem is a Top 10 Most Important Download

CNet's Gamecenter recently ran a special on what they called "The Top 10 Most Important Downloads of All Time". In this special, the original Duke Nukem game placed at #5. The article had this to say about Duke Nukum:

* Duke Nukem was originally Duke Nukum (gasp), a side-scroller with all the attitude he could muster before sound in PC games made it to 16 bits.
* Though he may be 2D, Duke still brings a tear to our eye. My how our boy has grown up to be a man!

On the page, they offer both Duke Nukem I and Duke Nukem II for download.

Furthermore, Wolfenstein 3D placed at the Number One spot! They had this to say about Wolfenstein 3D:

* No other game (at the time) gave you the feeling of actually "being there" like this one.
* A "3D" first-person shooter that took gaming violence to a new level.
* The action--complete with hidden rooms, pouncing German shepherds, nasty Nazi guards, and SS troopers--was like nothing we had seen before.

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