April 23, 1998

Scott Miller Interviewed about the Waiting Game

David Laprad of the Adrenaline Vault has written another excellent article about a side of the computer gaming industry that everyone has an opinion about. "Why do games take so long to be released?" Here's the beginning of David's article:

What is the greatest source of frustration for game players? Is it buggy software, rising prices, or the rapid evolution of costly hardware? No, though these are pressing concerns. What about Internet lag, operating system conflicts, or your wife insisting on checking her e-mail when you are deathmatching because she wants to go to bed. Never mind that you are winning; she also wants you to put the kids down, turn on the front porch light, and...Ahem. Never mind. You are getting colder, but again, these are viable considerations.

Let me give you a clue. In fact, if you play 3D action games, this should be a no-brainer. Tell me, comrade, if this sounds familiar: "Our game will be released when it is finished."

Scott Miller is quoted extensively in the article, and you might get some insight into why these things take as long as they do by checking out the article.

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