June 30, 1998

Max Payne Development Update

Today's Development Update comes from Petri Jarvilehto's .plan file:

Just saw someone doubting that Max Payne E3 showing was more 'smoke and mirrors' than actual game development. The funny thing is that the remark came from a person who hadn't even seen the game running real time ;)

This is something I'd like to set straight: when preparing for E3 we chose to do a video of Max to show on the main floor and show the actual development in the backroom demo. This approach was chosen specifically to avoid any 'E3 Demo syndrome' from happening (it seems to be common practice to spend even months polishing up a demo for the show, which essentially is away from the normal development). So all in all, we ended up working 3 days to get the video done in time, and avoided quick & dirty hacks. The stuff that was shown in the backroom was an actual snapshot of the development phase we were during E3.

To sum it up, the technology that was shown at E3 is solid (as I think anyone who saw briefly the tools we've developed for the game will confirm) and we've invested immense amounts of time and effort to really create an environment that allows for flexible and strong game-development. If this also happens to look visually good enough the get the CEOs of other companies nervous I would figure we're on the right track here :-)

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