July 7, 1998

3D Mark Announcement

Markus Maki of Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Death Rally) updated his plan today with this text:

Final Reality's "follower", 3DMark, has then now been officially released. If someone's interested, the press release is at http://www.futuremarkcorp.com.

It's gonna be cool.

Futuremark could also use a good full-time producer / graphics "lead" with a vision what looks cool. Because I don't have enough time to give. Or alternatively Remedy could use an Operations Manager so I could focus on producing... You can also check out the other jobs from Futuremark's site. But you need to be GOOD :)

We're thinking of using MP3 file format in 3DMark.

If anyone knows a good, free (cheap?) & lighting fast MP3 player lib / source that is or can be ported easily to Win32 platform (Visual C++ 5.0), is possibly a DLL or lib, e-mail [email protected]!

More specifically we need:

* no actual "player" interface, no sound card interface etc....
* just something that would decode MP3.
* it would need to be able to seek to locations in the middle.
* no encoder
* Uses max. 4% of CPU time on a P2-266 while playing a 128kbit stream
* Good quality, preferably adjustable (->if more speed is needed).

What we can offer -- that's largely negotiable. Name in the credits and a *large* audience at least. All offers answered :) - so e-mail me!

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