August 4, 1998

Joe Siegler Interview Online

Universal Gaming has yet another in their series of interviews online. This time it's with our webmaster, Joe Siegler. In the article, Joe talks about what he does here at 3D Realms, what he used to do when he was hired almost 6 years ago, and what life is like here. :) Here's a tidbit from the article:

(One of Joe's favorite moments): The night we released ROTT Shareware 1.0 when the power went out. It was like 2AM, people were working trying to get me the code so I can release it, and the power went out in the entire neighborhood. It was eerie. It was down for like an hour or so. Anyway, while we waited, Mark Dochtermann was firing off water rockets in the lobby of our office building. :)

Head on over to Universal Gaming to check out the entire interview.

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