September 9, 1998

Duke Nukem at Loonygames

There's a new game site that popped up recently called "Loonygames". They promised a different look on the world of Internet game reporting, and they're certainly living up to their name. They have an article online now called "Duke Nukem: Master of Satire and Carnage". It's written by Josh "Dr. Rogue" Vasquez, and is a slightly different look on the character of Duke Nukem. Here's a few excerpts from the article...

1. Duke's physical heritage can be traced back along a steroid laden family tree the branches of which include such notables as illiterate action goon Dolph Lundgren and Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot Sylvester Stallone in his Rambo phase.
2. You could point to him as the new Thundar the Barbarian or the latest model of the muscle bound Pex, late of Paradise Towers really doesn't matter.

For more silliness about Duke, make sure to check out the entire article.

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