October 9, 1998

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Update

We've got some news about Time to Kill:

* Electronic Boutique (EB) has already gotten major pre-orders from fans. And the number we're told is a strong indication that the game is going to be a big hit.
* The game is expected to be in stores starting next weekend, and is expected to sell out very fast.
* TV ads for the game start Monday.
* The technology of Time to Kill is more advanced than previous third-person games.

Remember, Time to Kill is strictly a custom designed Playstation game, developed to take advantage of the Playstation in every way. There will not be ports of the game to the PC or other consoles. This game has much of the mature content and attitude of Duke Nukem 3D, so it's not your typical kiddie game. It's got Duke's attitude, gags, and kickass action. Buy it at your own risk.

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