October 12, 1998

Gamecenter Max Payne Preview

Gamecenter has a pretty cool (and long) preview online for Max Payne. In this preview, they talk about the game technology, items of game play, various aspects of the environment, the technology.. pretty much everything. :) Make sure to head over to Gamecenter to read the preview today! Here's a small tidbit from their preview...

As far back as the original Spacewar, fantasy and science-fiction settings have long been the mainstay of PC games. Thankfully, now that the game industry has matured, new themes and stories are emerging. Leading this charge is Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment. The company's latest title, Max Payne, introduces the third-person shooter to the gritty urban crime drama.

The title character is a DEA agent who looks like he's been on the wrong end of one too many beatings. Max is one of those classic roguelike law enforcers who bends the letter of the law to make sure justice is served. Yeah, he's got a chip on his shoulder. You would, too, if you were him: his wife and kids have been slain by junkies who were high on a new designer drug. And, if that wasn't bad enough, he's framed for the murder of his boss. Max soon finds himself on the run from both the police and the Mafia. And guess what? He's carrying lots of really big guns...

If you'd like to learn more about Max Payne, visit the Official Max Payne Web Site today!

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