October 21, 1998

Max Payne

Online Gaming Review has an article online entitled "Third Person: The Next Perspective", which is a follow-up of sorts to their recent article about first person perspective games. In this new article is a short blurb about Max Payne. This is what OGR had to say about this forthcoming game from Remedy Entertainment and 3D Realms...

When a new, deadly drug hits the streets of the near, grimy future, the Drug Enforcement Agency sends Max Payne to stop its makers. And the ones who are responsible are�the Mafia (yes!). Of course the action heats up when Max is framed for the murder of his own boss (damn that Mafia!), and you must fight DEA agents and cops, too. With realistic guns, ultra-violent encounters, and top notch graphics, this is actually looking to be one of the more original coming shooters. Sure Sin has a similar plot, but it is so much more grounded in fantasy. The game will use cutscenes done in grim, dark, comic book style, and is fully 3rd person. Grim and gritty with a flavor that crosses film noir and John Woo, this one looks good. For mature audiences only.

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