January 7, 1999

Duke Nukem Attacked Again

Guess what? Duke Nukem is being attacked again as being "too violent". This news story from Reader's Digest talks about video game violence in general, and touches on Duke Nukem by saying..

*Duke Nukem 3D. Pay a go-go dancer to flash her breasts -- and then blow her away!

There's a lot more in this article, so make sure to check out the whole thing. Shortly afterwards, the President of the Interactive Digital Association (IDSA) had this to say about the article in a rebuttal..

*Readers Digest's January, 1999 Special Report on Computer Violence dealt a blow to the publication's well-earned reputation for balanced reporting. In fact, it was perhaps the most biased and unbalanced reporting I've ever seen on this subject. "The article completely ignored the vast majority of academic research -- provided to Readers Digest's reporter -- that disproves its basic premise that violent video games are harmful. It also did not contain a word or reference from an hour-long interview I gave to the reporter responding to some of the concerns he raised.

If you want to check out the latest on the assault on video games in general, make sure to check out these articles.

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