January 4, 1999

Duke Nukem Voted 7th Best Game of all Time

The February 1999 issue of PC Gamer has a feature article titled, "The PC Gamer Readers' Top 50." These are games that are voted by readers and game players, not the press, and they include all games ever released.

Two games originally released by us made the list:

* #7 -- Duke Nukem 3D, developed by 3D Realms and released May 1996 (full version).
* #29 -- Wolfenstein 3-D, developed by id Software and originally released by Apogee in 1992.

A big thanks to all of the game fans who voted for us! Also, a deserved congratulations must go to Blizzard, with three of the top five games: StarCraft (#1), WarCraft (#2) and Diablo (#5).

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