February 24, 1999

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Preview

IGN64 has a pretty cool Duke
Nukem: Zero Hour preview
online. It's got screen shots, game descriptions, and a short interview with Hugh Binns, one of the folks at Eurocom, the people who are making the game. It's also got zombies. Zombies? How do they fit into a Duke Nukem game? Well, you'll need to check out the full preview to find out. Here's a few tidbits from the preview:

* As always, Nukem is armed with an impressive array of weapons; everything from the standard handgun and shotgun to lightning rods and sniper-rifles. Because of this precision kills are easily executable, and in some rare cases a necessity.
* You can shoot them (zombies) in the nads. We've got specific animations for when they're shot in the groin. Some of them really are quite gory. And you can do all of this with the sniper rifle as well. You can zoom right in and blow the legs of zombies off and so on."

The preview also offers their suggestions on some lines that Duke Nukem should speak in the game. There is also a link to a slightly older Zero Hour preview IGN64 did there as well.

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