February 16, 1999

More on Duke Nukem

David Laprad brings us word of a Duke Nukem sighting over on MSNBC. In an article entitled "How the Digital Playground stacks up" written by David Kent, Duke Nukem is brought up in a discussion of video games vs. "real life" play. Here's what the article says about Duke:

MSNBC: Are there reasons to throw up red flags about games like, say, �Duke Nukem�?

HJ: It�s not the most imaginative or interesting game out there, but I don�t think any one work is going to be the cause of serious social harm. I think that�s the wrong way to confront it. I would rather see us foster and promote more interesting games, more challenging games, more innovative games that enrich the options available to people in our society than to waste our time focusing on two or three titles of games that we see as excessively violent. Many games, like �Postal,� are not particularly successful commercially. We often trot them out as examples and make them more commercially viable than they should be by the fact that we�ve flagged them as having particularly explicitly violent imagery.

It's another of the video games vs. violence articles, but not the usual slam on video games that we've come to expect anymore. It's definitely worth a read, as the author does talk positive about the effects of video games. As a side note, the picture in the article is of two kids playing football on the old Mattel Intellivsion video game system. For an article that claims to be about video games in the 90's, it's funny that the picture used is that old.

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