April 19, 1999

Why Duke Nukem is so Great

In an article that mimics a book that Duke Nukem "wrote" some time ago, a new article is up on Gamesplayer entitled "Sacred Opinion". This article written by Andrew Adam talks about why he thinks Duke Nukem is so cool. Here's a little from his article...

1. Duke Nukem is set in the real world. While sometimes it's exceptionally nice to escape to somewhere different, there's nothing quite like taking some highly powered weapons down to the cinema like in Duke. I mean who hasn't fantasized about going completely Postal and destroying a whole supermarket to simply satisfy a few devilish desires!
2. Another stroke of genius was setting up cameras in various rooms. Go up to a terminal and you can sometimes find yourself watching one of your mates, running around in a room. So you instantly run to this room, creep up behind them and savagely blow their head off.
3. Lay a pipe bomb behind a door, run away and watch from a camera. Eventually your hapless opponent will walk near the target zone and you can detonate before they realize it's there.

Andrew has several other things to say about Duke Nukem 3D, so make sure to check 'em all out today!

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