May 17, 1999

Max Payne Blows Away E3 Watchers

A news story on Max Payne's appearance at E3 ( ) included these exciting comments:

*"...After seeing some incredible video footage of Payne in action, we must confess that they can take all the time they need. Imagine a cross between a hyped-up John Woo flick and the box office smash The Matrix, and you begin to get a sense of what they have created."

*"Bullets whiz by in slow motion, gunmen stand face to face in a classic stand-off and Max performs standing back flips and launches head-first into a volley of shots at his next target. There are several sequences where Max dives while filling his enemies full of lead as he tumbles through a hallway or past a group of concrete supports to nail the bad guys square in the chest. He also performs a variety of back flips and dives, which stunned the E3 crowd, which could do little but cheer in utter amazement at what looks more like a high-budget action film than a game."

*"Max Payne is well on its way to redefining the action genre as we know it."

Be sure to read the full article on the IGN Network.

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