July 16, 1999

Scott Miller Visits Remedy in Finland

Recently, Scott Miller had the chance to take a trip over to Finland to meet face to face with the Remedy Entertainment guys (they're the folks that made Death Rally, and are working on Max Payne now). The meeting was to cover game design, but he did manage to get himself digitized as a villain for Max Payne. The Remedy guys posted a blurb about Scott's visit on their web site, here's what they had to say:

Scott Miller from 3D Realms dropped by recently. We spent most of the time working on Max Payne game design and content, but one of the highlights of the visit was a chance to get a look at Duke Nukem Forever. The image shows that once the game was running, it was getting quite crowded around the computer (Scott is somewhere there behind the crowd :-) We also used the opportunity to digitize Scott's face as one of the bad guys in Max Payne.

If you visit their web page, and check out their news link, you can see the screenshot of the Remedy guys looking at Duke Nukem Forever.

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