August 30, 1999

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Arrives in Stores this Week!

Nintendo 64 owners have their first ever ORIGINAL Duke Nukem game made for their system. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour places the King of Carnage in an original story spanning four times zones on a mission to kill aliens, save babes, and recover pieces of a time machine.

So far, advanced reviews of this game have been outrageously positive, so each day until we run out of them we're going to print a DN:ZH Reviewer's Quote of the Day. Today, we're kicking off with three quotes:

"The gameplay's tuned to near perfection so there's never a dull moment." -- GamePro

"Ahhhhh. After month after month of tedious braindead racing games and 17 million indistinguishable American sports titles, it's as refreshing as a blast of pure oxygen to get a game into the office that someone might actually want to play. DN:ZH is the stopper of video game madness in question...You start playing, you kill things, *you keep playing*. It's this latter part that seems to have confounded a lot of new games to date." -- 64 Magazine

"Zero Hour is easily the best Duke Nukem game yet. The graphics are great, the sampled speech is fantastic, the levels are devious but you don't get lost, and above all the wacked-out humor will leave you clutching your gut in agony. What more could you ask for in a video game!" -- N64 Pro

Okay, you've read how great this game is, the next step is to BUY IT!

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is now available in stores for the N64 only. Look for the cool live action Duke TV commercial, too. Go to our Duke Nukem: Zero Hour pages pages to read more about this hot game and to see screen shots.

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