August 26, 1999

Scott Miller Chat

Last night, Scott Miller, founder of Apogee Software held an irc chat, where he talked about 3D Realms, Apogee, Max Payne, Duke Nukem Forever, Prey... you get the idea.

There were many wide ranging subjects in the chat that are sure to be of interest to 3D Realms fans. Here's a bit of what he said:

Q: Why does 3D Realms put their games under a media blackout so often?

A: About our secrecy, It comes down to two basic concerns. First, we want our games to be played before players know all the little interesting details which tend to ruin the experience, much like some movie trailers show far too much of the movie. Second, we prefer not to give our competitors too many ideas.

Q: Will 3D Realms ever send out any screenshots of DNF?

A: We will begin sending out screen shots and more info for both Max and DNF early next year--that's when we really plan to start lifting the cloak off of our two games.

Q: Balls of Steel marked a first for the company where the full version was completed and sold before the release of the shareware version. Was this successful and will you continue this on future games?

A: Most likely in the future, our shareware games will appear only a week or two ahead of the retail availability.

Q: How soon do you see more information about the Duke Nukem movie being released?

A: We've been meeting with the script writer a lot recently and things are rolling very, very nicely. What's taken so long with the Duke movie, in part, is that we've been very picky about the story, and not just doing a quickie, rip off movie that no one will care about.

There is a lot more from Scott on a variety of issues relating to 3D Realms. Make sure to check out the full IRC log today - it's most definitely worth your time to read!

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