September 8, 1999

Shadow Warrior TC

Tonight Never Ends is the name of a new TC for Shadow Warrior. This one is James Bondish in theme and feel, so if you're a fan of 007, and play Shadow Warrior, this add-on is right up your alley! Here's a bit of what the creators of the TC had to say about it's release:

After 17 months of development, Tonight Never Ends, a brand new TC for Shadow Warrior, made by Lights Out, is finally completed!! Tonight Never Ends is one of the most anticipated TCs for Shadow Warrior. It includes new, large, creative and original levels, tons new art files, new and modified weapons, new Lo Wang sayings, a lot of new sound clips, new 3d sprites, new weapon strengths, and of course, a new final cut-scene!! This TC stars Lo Wang again, as he locks up James Bond and takes over his missions in his quest to end Zilla's empire once and for all.

This TC is available for download right now, so head on over to the TNE site today to get your copy! For more Shadow Warrior information and downloads, check out our own Shadow Warrior area here on the 3D Realms website!

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