November 23, 1999

Duke Nukem's Third Dirty Dozen

Last year about this time we brought you the news of Duke Nukem action figure making the annual "Dirty Dozen" list of the web site "Lion & Lamb". Their list is published as a service to parents to warn them against (what they believe to be) harmful and violent toys. For the third year in a row, we're on their list. This year, they've named the "Nightstrike Duke" action figure to their list; here's what they have to say about it.

NightStrike Duke, ReSaurus, $8
Recommended age: 10+
Description: From the package: "NightStrike Duke Nukem wears all black combat clothes and comes with a stocking cap and a ball cap. He carries a specially-modified MP-5 Submachine Gun with a silencer and rifle stock, a regular MP-5 Submachine Gun, a Knife, and a rope!" Blood is splattered on Duke�s hand, chest and knife.
Why we chose it: This action figure is being heavily marketed to children, but is based on an adult-rated video game set in smut shops and strip bars. "If it moves, shoot it," reads one web review of the video game. "If it doesn�t move, shoot it. Anything and everything can be destroyed." Another action figure in this series is called "Pigcop."

Last year, we hit their 98-99 list with the original Duke Nukem action figure, and in 97-98, we were on the list with our Shadow Warrior game. That's three years running - the feeling that we'll be on the 2000-2001 list with Duke Nukem Forever occurs at this moment, for some odd reason.

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