November 5, 1999

Futuremark goes Mad (Onion)

Futuremark Corporation, the world's leading provider of 3D gaming performance benchmarks, today announced it will be providing new online e-commerce solutions and that the company is changing its name to to support its new Internet-based business.'s e-commerce solutions will simplify PC hardware upgrading and purchasing on-line by empowering consumers to make informed decisions. Based on the company's leading benchmark standards, these solutions are powered by an Internet-based engine that will contain thousands of results gathered from a global community of users.

This is the beginning of a press release announcing the name change of FutureMark Corporation to MadOnion is now the new home of 3D Mark, the standard in graphics testing programs. They do more than that, too. Another of their products is Video2000, which as its name implies is a video technology upgrades.

Make sure to check out the full press release about MadOnion, as well as checking out their site today!

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