January 24, 2000

Devil's Island Now Available!

Fans of our pinball game Balls of Steel are sure to want to check out this news article..

Several months ago, we reported that Wildfire Studios (the creators of Balls of Steel) were hard at work on an add-on table to Balls of Steel called "Devil's Island". As you may recall, Devil's island is the name of the table that got displaced during development of Balls of Steel to make room for the Duke Nukem table. Well, after the original BOS was released, discussions started on reviving the lost table. After many months of delay and work, it's finally available!

Devil's Island actually does not require the original Balls of Steel to run - it's a standalone product, and can be purchased online either for immediate download, or shipment. Wildfire Studios sent out a newsletter over the weekend on this subject, and you can see that here:

The big news is that Devil's Island is finally finished! There is an Internet download version available from RegNow:


The download version is available immediately via credit card for US$9.95, and offers resolutions of 800x600 and 1600x1200, along with all the other features you'd expect from a BOS pinball table, including a firing cannon, squishable scorpions, and an erupting volcano multiball.

Devil's Island is a standalone product which doesn't require the original Balls of Steel program to run. We have also reduced the chances of technical difficulties by removing VESA in favour of DirectX support.

A boxed version of the game is available via mail-order for US$12.99 plus shipping from Expert Software, and includes support for some additional resolutions.


If you are a fan of the original Balls of Steel, then you should check this out, as it's an all new table! If you've never checked out Balls of Steel before, why not download the free demo table, Darkside? That download is available in our Master Download page (under Balls of Steel) right now!

Please note however, that Devil's Island is not being distributed by Apogee Software, 3D Realms, or Pinball Wizards - we have nothing to do with order taking or fulfillment on Devil's Island (although we still distribute the original Balls of Steel). If you have problems with ordering or obtaining this product, you need to get in tough with RegNow, Expert Store, or Wildfire directly. Thanks.

For further information on the Devil's Island table, check out the Wildfire Studios Devil's Island web page. That has details on the technical aspects of the table, requirements, etc...

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