April 20, 2000

Max Payne at E3

In the time since we announced that Duke Nukem Forever will not be shown at next month's E3 show in Los Angeles, we've received several requests as to the status of Max Payne at the show. Well, we've got an update on that for you. We got word from Petri Jarvilehto (Max Payne project lead) at Remedy Entertainment about Max's E3 status. Here's what Petri had to say:

Some more clarification on E3. Max Payne will make an appearance at the show. Max will be shown at The Gathering's Promised Lot, both in a video as well as backroom demos to key press.

Max Payne has been in a media blackout for a long time now, and we feel it's time to release some information on the game. The E3 demo will show the latest progress of the game, as well as where we're heading with it. We don't want to spoil anything though, so the demo will be just a small peek to the actual gameplay & content.

The game has developed great, and we've done some radical changes to it, so we feel that it's fair to let people know what to expect, after all, everyone knows what kind of coolness to expect from a Duke Nukem game, but this is the first Max Payne title ever :-)

There you go. If you'd like to learn more about Max Payne, check out the Official Max Payne site, as well as the Remedy Entertainment Site.

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