June 13, 2000

An Evening of Payne

A quick check of the Remedy site turns up a report of an evening of celebration in honor of Max Payne! In their own words, here's a description of the happenings..

A few days back Remedy invited some friends and partners out for an "Evening of Payne", a little event to celebrate the success Max Payne had been getting in the press lately. In other words, the plan was to have a little fun for an evening.

The event took place at the restaurant Kaivohuone in southern Helsinki. This was a chance for the guys in Maxteam to take it easy for an evening and just chill after the crunch of finishing the latest milestone and the E3 demo. Many friends, associates, press people and colleagues from the Finnish game industry were also invited. More than 200 people were present and since many of the guests had not seen the our game-in-the-making, this was a unique opportunity to see what we've been doing all this time.

The Remedy site has more about the event, as well as some photos from the festivities! For a report on the happenings, head on over to the Remedy Web site, and check out their events page for all the details (and photos!).

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