June 19, 2000

Checkout(.com) Max Payne

The gaming site checkout.com has a new preview of Max Payne online today. Instead of just telling you what they wrote about, check out their own words...

Most action games are not known for their story-driven atmosphere, but Max Payne hopes tochange all that with an interesting new approach Max Payne features the most stunning game engine I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, sporting one cinematic effect after another that simply would not work in multiplayer. Frankly, with so many quality multiplayer games on the market, the world could use a great single-player experience and Max Payne shows every sign of delivering.

Max Payne seems destined to wow an eager audience and the love Remedy has put into this game is obvious when you see it actually running.

There is a lot more to this preview besides this quoted text - make sure and check it all out.

They also have some screenshots up in the preview, too. There's some more screenshots and a video download over at the Official Max Payne site, which can be reached by clicking on the image below.

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