June 9, 2000

Computer Software Piracy

Gamespy today is starting a three day article about Computer Software piracy. The first part is out now, and it focuses on (in their words) "An overview of the problem and a look at the terminology. We provide statistics from leading enforcement agencies and take a look at some of the things being done to stem the problem." Here's a small piece from the article:

Even in the United States and Western Europe, where the issue is addressed very seriously, the average piracy rate averages 30%-40%, rising up to the 75% range in other regions. Russia and Asia have the most active pirate markets, with peaks of up to 90% of all the their software being illegitimate copies. In 1994, Vietnam and China led the list with astounding 100% and 97% rates respectively. Those rates have since declined over the years (a 1999 survey estimated them at 98% and 91%), but Asian markets are still plagued with enormous piracy rates. Former Soviet countries are also high in this list.

This is an awesome article, make sure and check it out today! Also, on Saturday & Sunday, they'll be posting parts 2 and 3 of the article. Here's some text from their site about what Parts 2 & 3 will be about:

*Looks in-depth at enforcement, from chats with Microsoft on how they are dealing with piracy, to a comprehensive interview with Terry Anslow, chief investigator for ELSPA, the European Leisure Software Publishers Association.

*The final day offers the juicy stuff: getting in with the pirates, surfing their boards and newsgroups for details, as well as a chat with a pirate who calls himself Long John Silver.

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