June 28, 2000

Guns, Girls, & Gasoline

Also up on the Mad Onion site is an article about 3D modeling and texturing for real-time stuff (ie. games) entitled "Guns, Girls, & Gasoline". It's a good read for anyone that's considering a job as an artist in the gaming industry. Want to know a bit of what goes on "behind the scenes"? Check out these quotes from the piece..

I cannot emphasize enough how important the research phase really is. All time used on research will pay off later when the actual modeling and texturing starts. "Head first" attitude gets something sooner on the screen but it also gets you in trouble when the lack of proper planning surfaces it's ugly head.

Creating graphics for real-time use means making lot of compromises. You just have to know when and how to do them. Often the work isn't exactly fine art in artistic sense... there are so many marketing and technological reasons that affect the work, as well as moral ones. It would be cool to do only naked big breasted chicks with huge weapons and a lot of bloody monsters, but more often than not this can't be done.

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