July 25, 2000

Max Payne Radio is on the Air!

Well, OK - it's not on the air, it's on the Internet. Popular music site MP3.com is now the host of the newly created "Max Payne Radio" station at mp3.com. On it, you can hear Max Payne themes from the last couple of E3 videos, and more will be coming later!

Check it out - Max Payne Radio! An mp3 player such as Winamp or Musicmatch Jukebox is required to listen.

For more on Max Payne, check out the Official Max Payne Website, as well as the specials page for a little more on Max Payne Radio, and the music composer, Teque.

Posted by Joe Siegler on July 25, 2000 at 11:15 AM | Permalink
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