September 14, 2000

Gamespy's Sequel Ideas

There's a funny article over on Gamespy that we were told about the other day. It's a funny piece where they make up sequel ideas they'd like to see such as "Shake 'n Quake", "Star Warcraft", "Diablo 3: Counterstrike", as well as "Duke Nukem 5: The Wild West". In the article, this is their idea for a Duke sequel:

In this sequel, Duke Nukem travels back to the old west and takes on the toughest cowboy of them all, John "The Duke" Wayne. In this rare screen shot, the two Dukes battle for the hand of a fair damsel in distress. Without giving away too much of the plot, Duke uses his shotgun quite a bit while enticing his movie star counterpart to "come get some!"

Check out the rest of the article, it's pretty funny. Thanks Mike Clevestig.

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