January 3, 2001

Welcome Back!

We're all back now after a great holiday season. We hope that you all had a great holiday, too! While we were away, our Christmas card (see below) was given the #1 best Christmas card award in a Gamespy report on various company Christmas cards. If you check out the story, you'll see cards from other game developers such as Interplay, The Gathering, and Ritual, as well as others.

Also, we were sent a cool magazine cover today. Do you remember this picture of this picture from a few years ago? Well, the new issue of Next Generation magazine spoofed this picture with Duke Nukem & Lara Croft. The article is about (in their words), "Games are rapidly becoming sophisticated and adult as the people who play them. But is the world ready for them?"

Anyway, the cover of the magazine as shown here parodies the Janet Jackson photo, but for the cover, has a "censored" image. The real parodies are shown inside the magazine, as you can see by this scan, and this one.. Thanks to Doug Howell for sending us some scans of this magazine, as we haven't received ours yet.

In other news, Tim Wilson is here (our new artist) - we'll have his bio page and picture up shortly.

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