April 9, 2001

Balls of Steel v1.3 Released!

That's right - our pinball title from a couple of years ago has a new update - v1.3! This update is of a technical nature, there are no new game features added, but for some people this will certainly help them. Here's a listing of what's new in v1.3 of Balls of Steel:

*Now runs under Windows 2000

*VESA support has been removed - DirectX only

*Menu now displays full screen

*Microsoft SideWinder game pad detection fixed to detect Pro (USB) version

If you have Balls of Steel, and have had any kind of video problems, or simply want to run it on Windows 2000, check out the v1.3 patch! There are patches available for both the shareware and registered versions, and they can be downloaded from our downloads page.

You can also visit our downloads page to get patches, downloads, & goodies for our other games. If you've never tried Balls of Steel, you can read more about the game at our Balls of Steel page.

Balls of Steel requires at least DirectX v5.0, but we recommend the latest. You can download DirectX at Microsoft's DirectX page.

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