May 24, 2001

Max Payne Best of E3 Award

The folks over at Source Magazine have given Max Payne their Best of E3 award. Check out what they said about it.

"The PC also stole some of the limelight with several huge hit games that are right around the corner. ***The best game of the show for PC was Max Payne*** that will be coming to us this July from Remedy Entertainment and Gathering of Developers (G.O.D.). This game centers on a New York policeman who has everything in his life taken from him, including his family and his job since he was framed. With nothing to lose, Max hits the cold streets of New York to clear his name and revenge his family. While the story may not sound too intriguing, the state-of-the-art graphics and play-style left all of the press breathless. Remedy has incorporated Hollywood style effects like those seen in the movie "The Matrix", which add to both the rich atmosphere of the game."

You can check out a thread on SourceMagazine's forums about this here.

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