June 18, 2001

More Max Payne

In all the excitement on Friday with Max Payne being available for pre-order for the first time, we forgot to bring you a couple of news items.

First up is a link to
Tech Radio's best of E3 awards
, in which they list Max Payne as first and best of the PC action games. They also list it as a runner up for overall game of show, but first as an action game! We think you'll agree with that, so make sure to get your pre-order in early!

Also, 3D Action Planet has their own "first look" at Max Payne. They have a lot to say about the game; here's a sample:

*Quite frankly, the battle scenes in this game look absolutely staggering.

*No other hero, with the possible exception of Duke Nukem, is going to mow down his foes with as much style and pinache as Max Payne does. This is Wooness.

*Every sequence is designed to capture the intensity of movie fight scenes, and go beyond general gunfire.

*Can you smell what Remedy is cooking? They've got an excellent game on the hands, and the gaming community is about to get hit with it.

One of the funniest thing about this review is their own remark at calling this a "first look". Any review that says this about itself (I know what you're thinking. "A Max Payne first look? The game's been in development for four years, and is slated to be released soon. Why a first look?") is pretty funny. Check it out.

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