July 30, 2001

Max Payne Fan Stuff

Over the weekend, we noticed that a couple of sites have started having information available on mod info as well as some level editing tutorials. Check 'em out:

1. http://www.maxpaynecenter.com
2. http://www.paynereactor.com

The first mods available include ones like this:

Drakus Mod
Super Slowdown - When you use bullet time without the combo it will be about half as fast as the usual bullet time, it will be unlimited, and it will have rocking music. . . I had to add that! Better duel berettas - I made the duel berettas very very powerful and twice as fast. They go well with the Super Slowdown feature.

Level Selector Mod
Now select all the levels you want to play again!! Including the end combat bonus level This mod is not meant to be a cheat! After I had finished the game and wanted to play some cool levels, I realized that I had to start all over again. That's why I created this level selector.

Skin Changer
Play with other characters then Max Payne. These mods don't change the games cut scenes, so if you use the dawn_candy skin you will only see her when your actually playing the game.

Make sure and hit both of these sites today, there's some good stuff there. Also, check out our out our Max Payne page for more links. If you know of a good Max Payne fan site that's not listed, let us know.

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