July 27, 2001

Max Payne v1.01 Patch Released

A very small amount of folks were having some problems with Max Payne, and to that, a v1.01 patch has been released. Here's what that patch fixes:

1. Exit to desktop stability issues addressed: The issues with the game crashing to Windows desktop when loading a new map have been addressed.

2. Game doesn't start with some CD-ROM drives: A newer version of Safedisc copy protection is now in use.

You can download this patch now (it's about 6Mb) if you have issues with either thing mentioned above. If you don't have the problems listed above, you don't really need the patch (although it won't cause any problems if you use it). Here's the download locations (once we get more, we'll post them):

* Fileplanet
* 3D Files
* Blue's News
* Edome (Finland)
* Gameplex
* PC Zone (UK)

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