July 13, 2001

Shacknews Max Payne Preview

Also this evening comes a Max Payne preview by Steve Gibson of Shacknews. Steve was here at 3DR a week or so ago, and now his hands on preview of the game available. Check out what he had to say:

*A lot of the enjoyment is derived from the feeling that you are playing in a movie.

*I cant honestly really recall the last time I ever really felt compelled to pay close attention to the plot of a game but the graphic novel style of presentation really got a hold of me.

*The well crafted high-resolution textures are what really makes things look so good.

*Just about everything you see sitting around or hanging on walls can be shot up.

*As an avid movie lover this game suited my personal tastes nearly perfectly.

Make sure and head over to Shacknews to check out everything that Steve had to say!


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