July 13, 2001

Stomped Max Payne Preview

The gaming news site Stomped has placed their Max
Payne preview
online this afternoon, joining the other previews available (scroll down this page to see them). Here's a bit of what they had to say about the game..

*I can tell you that it (Max Payne) is definitely a title worth keeping your eye on and picking up when it hits the shelves.

*The graphics in the game set a very high standard as far as detail is concerned. Textures are photo realistic, and characters look almost real. The best part is that it does not require a super high-end system to get the detail.

*The characters in the game seem above average in the intelligence category. They will take cover or run to bring their buddies for help.

*The levels are designed in a fashion that is more real world and less typical third person. In all honesty, the game feels closer to a first person shooter than third person. This is definitely not a bad thing in my book.

*Voice-overs verbalize the dialog displayed in the graphic novel scenes. I found this method of story telling a nice change.

*Is it an evolutionary step that advances the genre? Definitely!

In addition to
this preview of Max Payne
, Stomped has a mini interview online with Petri J�rvilehto of Remedy asking a few questions about Max, now the the game is almost finished.

Make sure to check it all out today!


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