August 31, 2001

Max Payne in PC Gamer

PC Gamer (USA -- Oct. 2001 issue) just has hit the newsstands with a great two page review of Max Payne:

Rating: 90% "PC Gamer Editors' Choice"

We can finally declare it was worth the wait. Max Payne is great. Truth be told, third-person shooters don't come any better. [It's] your ticket to the longest, best-directed action movie you've ever played.

[T]he plot--a grim, compelling noir-style cop tale--is as gripping as the stunning action sequences.

[Bullet time] is the best-looking effect since the invention of the polygon. You don't just jump between regular-speed and slow-motion; a 'tweening' effect creates a smooth transition between tempos. Gun-barrel explosions are full-bodied, bullets leave trails as they glide past your head, and shells eject from chambers as if in zero gravity. Every noise sounds like a 45 played at's mesmerizing, and will have your pals gawking in amazement.

The texture work [graphics] has to be seen to be believed .. with certain scenes breaching the photorealism barrier. Amazingly, the game doesn't require a ninja system. It runs smoothly on a Pentium 500. The fire effect deserves special mention. One mission has you racing through a restaurant exploding in flames, and if you're not blinded in awe, your jaw will drop.

If you're looking for a great thrill ride, an interesting story, and bleeding-edge technology, Max Payne delivers all of them. A new high bar for incredible visuals; intricate story; great load times...the mind-blowing graphics are worth every cent.

Note: Also in this issue of PC Gamer is a fun article titled, "The 50 Best Gamers of All Time." Duke Nukem 3D ranks quite well on this list, but we'll let you read the article and see where it ranks for yourself, as well as all the other great games that are included.

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