August 14, 2001

Max Payne Movie Announced

This past week a press release was put out announcing that Dimension Films, Collision Entertainment and Abandon Entertainment acquired the rights to make a movie out of the recently released game, Max Payne. We have a local copy of it here.

In addition to this press release, there was a story over at Yahoo that follows up on the press release with some quotes from Scott Miller. Here's some of what Scott had to say..

"Everything was tailored for Max to hit the big time. Most developers and game publishers don't put a strong focus on characters like they should, but we took a different tack with Max. We feel that, with Collision's creativity and expertise, we have the next great movie anti-hero on our hands."

More on this story when there is something to tell. In the meantime, remember - the release date is "When it's done".

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