August 28, 2001

Max Payne Official Strategy Guide

Available now online is the Official Max Payne strategy guide. If you're stuck in a certain area of the game, can't get by that one level, than this book is for you! It details all the weapons, how to effectively use bullet time, as well as other game play tips in addition to showing you were hidden objects are in the game. It also tells you how to access the hidden room at the end of the game. Here's a bit from the book...

"Few games push a genre's envelope, but in the case of Max Payne we can all consider the envelope pushed! Not only is the story compelling in a tongue in cheek Noir way, but the camera angles, the game play, and the inclusion of the ultra-cool Bullet Time make Max Payne the champion for 2001. I write strategy guides for a living, and as such I play a lot of games in any given year. I must say that working on Max Payne was one of the most delightful surprised I've ever had. I expected the game to be good, but I didn't realize the level at which it would grab me and suck me in. I found myself playing levels over and over again just for fun, and believe me, that's a good sign!"

There's lots to see and read in this book, so if you're a fan of Max Payne, you should pick it up! Please note that we do not sell the book ourselves direct, but you can order it through this link at Also make sure and visit our books page to see other books and strategy guides about our games.

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