September 19, 2001

Max Payne Goes Kung Fu!

A few weeks ago we alerted you to an extra cool Max Payne mod - we're doing it again. There's a new mod out now called "The Max Payne Kung Fu Edition" mod, and if you have the registered version of Max Payne, you should check it out. Here's some info from the mod's readme file:

Max Payne now knows kung fu. Besides that and some other minor adjustments, the game play is essentially the same as the original.


- An experimental hand-to-hand kung fu combat system.
- New kung fu style dodging.
- New action camera effects.
- Minor weapon adjustments and more ammo, with some new weapon sounds (and weapon sounds are now loud).
- More decals.
- BNZ's Level Selector (contact BNZ at [email protected])
- Sniper bullet can now cut through an entire line of enemies.

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