September 4, 2001

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Last Friday, we mentioned the outstanding review that Max Payne got in PC Gamer. On page 42 of the same issue, a few of the PC Gamer editors and writers give their comments about Max Payne, a game they all seemed to like:

*Rob Smith, Editor-in-Chief: "Max Payne...packs more memorable moments into its 15 hours than most 100-hour games."

*Corey Cohen, Managing Editor: "And a few hours of Max Payne got me super-psyched to play more -- bravo, Remedy!"

*Dan Morris, Executive Editor: "Max Payne. Say that name. Say it again. Now go out and buy this mo-fo. When you're lunging in slow motion through dank New York corridors, blasting bad guys in a quest for revenge, you'll know what I'm talking about."

*Li Kuo, Associate Editor: "Any game with the line 'with a bullet in his stomach like a broken jar of Tabasco' is a winner in my book. I'm talking about my man Max Payne. Finally, I can live my dream of being a hero in a John Woo movie. Time to make like Chow-Yun Fat..."

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