November 21, 2001

Max Payne - Kung Fu Edition

One of the more popular Max Payne mods out there has it's own web site now. The Max Payne Kung Fu mod is now hosted at the Max Payne Headquarters. What are some of the features of this mod? Here's some info direct from the web site:

* Kung fu fighting: A Kung fu fighting mode giving Max an assortment of punches and flying/spinning kicks.
* Kung fu stick fighting: A stick fighting mode giving Max a wide array of kung fu stick techniques.
* Kung fu style agility: Fancy flips and twirls in place of Max's standard dodging maneuvers.
* Kung fu action camera: Slow motion panning cameras that capture the kung fu action.

Make sure and check out this mod today! If you've not checked out Max Payne at all - read our game info pages, and download your own copy of the demo.

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